Further developments in the PS3 Jailbreak scene

So an up to now unknown source has released onto the ps3 cfw site the following video.  Early reports seem to confirm that this is indeed some form of 4.21/4.20 CFW for the PS3 which allows full PSN access.  Users are warned that the full implications on how this is done and whether or not the online access is just though means of a spoofer is still very much unknown.  But for the time being we have once more backups that can be played online.  Hopefully this will last longer this time but of course it may be stamped on once more by Sony changing the keys.  Sadly until the root key is extracted this will be the cycle jailbreak users will be faced with.  What really is needed is for someone to finally come up with a pkg that can out put the consoles root key.  Something that would be needed as all the keys are specific to their various consoles.  Until then take a look at the video and judge for yourself.


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