How Duplex cracked TrueBlue protection – the inside story

Its been available for less than a year but there can not be anyone who by now hasnt heard of the True Blue dongle.  The dongle with one aim in life and that is to make money off the back of legitimate ps3 game developers by forcing people who wish to run backups into buying their expensive dongle.  The game checks for the existence of the dongle in the PS3 usb port before the game will actually run.

Duplex have along site the TB eboots been releasing their own eboots most notibly for their PSN game flood recently.  Not so long ago many people were claiming that Duplex were in someway affiliated with the TrueBlue team.  news that Duplex obviously were not happy about so they turned they considerable attention to the DRM built into the dongle.

So today with their release of the Max payne 3 dongle they claim in the nfo to have cracked the drm protection of the dongle.  If this is true then before long we will see many more releases from them as trueblue release their eboots.  So this must be a first for any jailbreak scene yet.  We are in the strange situation of the console manufacturer releasing protected games that then have their protection removed by some unknown ‘warez’ group who then add THEIR OWN protection to the game before releasing it.  Then another ‘warez’ group are cracking their releases before releasing them to the public.  Ive been in many scenes over the years going back to the N64 but I must say ive never seen a situation like this before.  Talk about a fractured scene!



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