News Updates and Releases from the PS3 Jailbreak scene

mmDM the remote game mounter for (debug) DEX PS3’s has been updated by its author Aldostool.  This latest version enhances the integration with later versions of MultiMan.  Please note this tools is only of use to people with DEX consoles.  CEX units would need to be converted using the CEX DEX Conversion Kit available.
Another big update sees PS Multi Tools for Windows & OS X brought to version 5.5.  Included now are a lot more eboots and patches all there at the click of a mouse for you to patch your game disks. Also good news for the PS2 lovers is  Full PS2 support is now included in the tool as standard.
Its been a while since TrueBlue announced they would be updating their DRM Dongle for the PS3.  Their original announcment was no doubt due to Team DUPLEX breaking their protection of their dongle.  Since then though there have been many developments in the free PS3 scene not least of all the leak of the 3.60 keys which it is not presumed TB were using with their EBOOT’s.  So as time passes have we seen the end of TB and the other dongle manufacturers and a return to the free and open PS3 scene we once knew.
Also for DEX PS3 owners the leak of the PS3 DEX 4.21 Firmware is good news at that means now all the latest games can now be played on a debug console with no problems.  So as it stands now though various methods all PS3 games are now playable – depending on Sony’s next move of course (4.22 anyone?)


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