Hacking the PS3 in depth look

Looking Back over the history of the PS3 jailbreaks
Jailbreaking on the Playstation 3 has taken many forms over the years. There’ve been quite a few attempts to make a working Ps3 Jailbreak. Original exploits used on the integral Java in BlueRay menus. However this would be in vain as nothing helpful came of it. At the same time the otheros option had been updated by Sony to enable Linux on the console An advantage of Linux had been being able to probe the PS3 system and firmware. Geohot made the very first progress along with his memory glitching solution to accessing the hypervisor. News hit us that OFW 3.21 would remove otheros! Sony removed otheros swiftly in a move that many thought at first was an April fools joke After this the PS3 scene slowed to a crawl then with very little to move it forward. Much of the blame online was directed at Geohot himself.

With very little fan fare just one video appeared on you tube demonstrating a brand new PS3 Jailbreak dongle. Such big news of course went viral and even hit the BBC new pages. Many sites were initially claiming it would be a fake. More reputable online stores backed it up with claims they had pre release versions. Even at over 100 dollars all stores received many pre orders. Due to the massive demand many who pre ordered had to wait months. Firmware 3.56 was quickly released by Sony with new Keys. The USB port would now only work with Sony approved devices. With the USB port now blocked the dongle wouldnt work on newer firmware. As older games were now all able to be backed up they would need updates to the newer keys. PSN always required the latest firmware version to connect. Many big game releases for the coming christmas were going to require newer firmware. GT5 was out in October and couldn’t be backed up. It required firmware 3.50 to run and this means no dongles could work.

It took a while to get the game working by patching the eboot but by Christmas it was payable. CCC saw failoverflow announce to the world Sony’s mistake in public key generating. New years eve and the next day saw the scene light up with the first news of the public keys. Geohot released his hello world on new years day Then in a move that angered sony he released his jailbreak. This one small pup file removed the key checks enabling both homebew and PSN access. Running backups on geohots jailbreak was not easy to set up. One infamous CFW from Wanikoto caused many bricks but most went for the Keamw release.

Nearly two months went by with CFW users able to access PSN with no problems. However of course this brings the cheats in and cheating got especially bad on MW2 and blackops. Infinity Ward banned a large number of players from their servers for cheating. The PSN account server was hacked during this time period by an unknown hacker. Credit card details were stolen from a possible 50 million users. PSN was quickly close down when news broke of the hack. PS3 users were without PSN for nearly two months. When it returned the extra security meant forget about PSN for CFW users. Some people moved to the so called Dev Network for the online gaming. Newer games started to require higher versions.

Once more the PS3 scene started to go into limbo until a new dongle was released by true blue. This needed their own eboots to run the backup games. Eboots that were being released by paradox. A little later duplex started releasing PSN games having somehow cracked the newer keys. How trueblue were decrypting newer games remained a mystery for a while, that was until the 3.60 keys were leaked by an unknown hacker. This definitely marked another rise in activity on the ps3 scene. Obviously Duplex didnt like the built in DRM of the TB dongle and commenced to try to crack it. Within days scene sites were filled with cracked TB Eboots meaning all the games previously only available to TB users were perfectly playable. Promises were created by TB manufacturers of a dongle update and newer games so far no updates from them have been made Is this the end of the trueblue dongle? Of course also at this time many people missed the news they could convert to a debug console. The wonderful thing about a debug console is it can easily run any homebrew without the keys at all. This does have the downside that a debug console can never connect to PSN. For PSN access and game backups there is only really one option Firmware 4.21 needs to be jailbroken. This would mean access to all the latest game releases having the ability to play them online. Full access also must include into the Store and being able to download and buy things is a must.


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