LV0 keys freely available – new CFW’s looming

Incredible news reports the previous few days regarding the PS3 Jailbreak scene. It has been posted all over the web with many calling a Master Key leak. With these keys now known all future firmwares will be simple to decrypt and patch for Jailbreak systems. News like this the struggling Sony could do without right now. Maybe the war against piracy on the platform has now been lost! Read a little between the lines and you get more of a background to why these keys were released it seems the inner circle had much of this information since a Mr George Hotz released his ?Hello World? for the Ps3 With these keys being so potent those in the know had already decided to never release them. News that angered the wider PS3 community greatly! Help came from an unlikely angle, one that intended to milk the PS3 Jailbreak scene for all it was worth. A Chinese company hacked the PC’s of the developers and stole the keys. With the keys they developed a new CFW and were in the process of doing their pre-sale hype over the forums. This would be another paid solution trying to make money from piracy. One thing that goes completely against the scenes morals. Pre sales soon dried up though when the original developers begrudgingly released the keys for free. From here on we should see new CFW within hours of an OFW release thanks to these new keys. Something that benefits everyone.

New firmware releases from here on can be simply decoded and the hackers can then extract the online pass phrase something that up until now only a few people had the ability to do. So we can look forward to updated CFW for quite some time to come. This is maybe the last battle in the long history of PS3 hacking that dates back to before august 2010. Or does Sony have one last trick up its sleeve yet? Something that anyone who remembers the original PS jailbreak will know very well. This could also be bad news for many of the PS3 Mod Chip suppliers out there as the free download spreads to every PS3 forum.


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