New PS3 CFW comes ahead of upcomming ODE releases

While we wait the release of the promised ODE (optical drive emulator) solutions for the PS3 the scene has once more delivered the goods for free.  As many know the main downside of the planned ODE’s is their inability to run the current crop of homebrew out there.  That means no excellent old games in the form of RetroArch or any of the file and ftp systems we have become accustomed to over the last few years.  Infact as with an ODE solution the console continues to run original firmware as it is the hardware that is modified.  Thats where custom firmware still has the upper hand.  With the PS3 running the latest CFW you get the addition on the install packages menu item as well as the ability to modify system files (used for custom boot logos etc).

For more information on how an optical drive emulator works see this wikipedia entry

To find out if your PS3 is compatible with the latest PS3 firmware and Jailbreak click the banner here…



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