Sony OFW 4.50 released – PS3 Jailbreak for 4.50 follows.

Sony released what seems at first to be another pointless update.  This takes the latest firmware up to 4.50.  There are a few minor improvements like the WIFI transfer improvements but very little is there from the recent rumors going around.  Interestingly this update opens up automatic downloads to all users not just their Plus! subscribers.  You can also change the visibility of your trophies making only some of them private.  I guess this is important if you don’t want your friends to all know how much you’ve been playing Naughty Bear!  Probably not that big of a deal to most users then.  The WIFI transfer capabilities sound more interesting but true to form just after the new firmware launched Sony announced that the feature was not yet working as it will require an upcoming update for the Vita.

One PS3 news site reported this update giving issues to people using ODE devices but this is so far unconfirmed and the thread has been removed for now.  However this update must be cause for anyone who have bought an ODE recently to worry.  As more time passes these reports will either be confirmed or denied.  Of course the PS3 CFW site is releasing their 4.50 jailbreak as usual.

So for now its business as usual which is great news as theres some brilliant games coming out now as we head towards winter.




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