News roundup January 2014 PS3 Jailbreak scene

As we are well into 2014 now it might be time to do a ‘spring clean’ on your jailbroken PS3.  Many homebrew apps have been updated recently to give you a lot of new features and more stability.  With so many different backup managers now available is 2014 finally the year that sees Multiman loose its crown as the most installed homebrew application.  One definite contender for the title is the Gamesonic Manager this is a relative newcomer but already has all the features you would expect of a backup manager.  Ie backing-up and playing backed up PS3 games.  On top of this there is full built in emulator functions that use the RetroArch framework.  One big advantage to the Gamesonic Manager is its speed.  In most tests this manager is upto twice as fast as the standard Multiman with no where near as many of the crashes.

Of course to be able to install this application you will need the latest ps3 cfw or you will need to purchase one of the ODE devices but for many that is still too expensive of an option.  Without either way of installing PKG files you will not be able to install Gamesonic manager.

Remember update 3.21?  It caused so much anger when it was released fittingly enough on April fools day – the dreaded update that removed the OtherOS feature from the PS3.  Something many claimed was the main reason they purchased their PS3’s which in turn resulted in a class action law suit being filed against Sony.  It was surely no surprise when eventually this was quashed by the American ‘legal system’.  Well news coming in the last few days reveals that an appeals panel has partially reversed the decision.

In PS4 news there seems little talk of an upcoming PS4 Jailbreak but here has been a scramble of companies competing for your hard earned dollars by putting out hardware modifications.  The one that will be of interest to probably all PS4 users due to is poor storage is the HDD/SDD hybrid upgrade kits.  A 1TB HDD/SSD hybrid drive will currently set you back $99 which is not bad when compared to a standard PC drive’s price.  For those with deeper pockets and a need for even more speed then there is always the option to go the whole hog and have a full SSD instead.  This will set you back $219 for a 240GB but you could always go for the 460GB version at $399!  More details here