How to Jailbreak a PS3 | Latest PS3 Jailbreak tutorial.

Learning how to Jailbreak PS3 4.41 firmware is not as difficult as you might think.  Yes there is a mass of information out there on the internet and not all of it is 100% accurate.  Some site will try to tell you that a PS3 Jailbreak 4.41 is not even possible.  This of course as anyone who has experienced online cheaters on PSN will already know is not totally accurate.  Some version of the OFW for the PS3 are indeed open to being hacked in a similar way to the original jailbreak for the PS3 that came out a few years ago.

The reason for the secrecy is due to how easy these methods are patched by Sony once they become public.  For that reason many of the ‘top’ PS3 sites and forums will delete links to the PUP downloads almost immediately.  With the launch of the PS4 just around the corner the risk of the methods being patched is much smaller.  Just look at the Wii sofmod scene.  That is thriving now long after the consoles original launch with a much more free access to the files and knowledge available.  This openness gives the scene more energy and it continues to grow which leads to some really exciting homebrew releases.  Hopefully the PS3 scene will now enjoy a similar lift.

Ok, so you want to Jailbreak your PS3 then?

First be aware of the risks involved.  Messing up the process can leave you PS3 in a ‘bricked’ state if done wrong.  But quite frankly this is so similar to the official update process that you should have no problems with it by now.

The second risk is more serious.  With the later firmwares for the PS3 released Sony implemented a form of spyware that can scan the PS3’s hard disk for ‘unauthorized applications’ as they call them.  What this means is they are actively scanning PS3’s for programs like Multiman backup manager or ShowTime media player.  If any of these applications are found you can expect a ban to be heading your way very soon.  The most minor form of banning is a PSN Network ID ban.  What this means is a banning of your login details for the PSN network.  While this may not sound too bad at first – just make a new online ID and start again – do bear in mind that this means you will loose all your trophies and anything else attached to the account.  This means any items purchased from the store will also stop working.

So the first lesson is make a new PSN account on your PS3 before you jailbreak it.  Note down your original login details somewhere safe and for extra security delete the account from the console.  With that done you’re only worry is the more severe ConsoleID ban.  This is a ban of the actual ID (serial number if you prefer) of the console.  With this blacklisted it will not connect to PSN regardless of how many new accounts you make.

ConsoleID ban’s can be circumvented by replacing the code stored in the PS3’s flash memory with another valid ID.  So it must be a real ID from another PS3 not a faked one as until someone reverses the ID algorithm a valid fake ID can not be made.  It is however a simple process to extract the ID from another console so if you are creative you can soon acquire a new one.  From time to time a PKG will appear on the scene that unban’s you console.  The problem with this is everyone else is using the same ID which means it quickly gets blacklisted by Sony.  For the longer term it is much better to use your own ID you have acquired.  ConsoleID bans are thankfully quite rare though.  It seems these dubious honor is usually reserved for people who think its a good idea to go cheating in online gaming environments.  Call of Duty Black Ops 2 and Modern Warfare 3 are good examples where the network checks for users running Custom Firmware and cheating.

So lesson 2 is simple enough… NO CHEATING!

And that’s all the downsides really.  the benefits are of course obvious and dont need going over in detail again.  Backup Managers…backup game disks to a usb hard disk and launch from there.  Modify said backups on USB in anyway you wish, much like a PC game…  Emulators are covered with all the classics working.   RetroArch is a good all in one emulator that will play 1000’s of classic ROM’s.  Homebrew games are starting to appear but its early days there, Show Time media player finally bringing PS3 MKV support and much more.

First download the PS3 4.41 CFW from the link and install it in the same way you would a normal USB update.  If you dont know how to do this then google it there are many pages covering it already.  You just need the PUP file from the update folder at this time.  The rest of the tools included are mostly to do with grabbing ConsoleID’s or spoofing/sniffing tools.  Hopefully you wont need these for some time.

Download PS3 CFW AIO here

Next download and install multiman backup manager from here which will also install the RetroArch emulator so your ROM’s can be launched from inside multiman.  If you are serious about playing MKV files on your PS3 then you need to have installed the latest version of Show Time from here