A PS4 jailbreak?

ps4jailbreakIt might not be everyones idea of fun but for a large number of console owners their interest in a working jailbreak or hack of the latest system is a big part in which one to go with.    It took a while with the Playstation 3 but it was Sony’s own doing that probably brought so much attention to hacking their console.  Removal of OtherOS being the swing point that eventually brought such an easy hack method.    So easy in fact that many gamers who had never walked this gray area of video games before found themselves getting involved.

Now we have had the PS4 for a few months one thing that seems to pop up on almost a daily basis is if anyone has so far managed to jailbreak the Playstation 4? Now some people have said that it is flat out impossible to jailbreak the Playstation 4 as there is simply no way for a person to do this.   Whether true or not there are already some talk of a working jailbreak for the PS4.  In most cases these turn out to be nothing but elaborate hoaxes.    Now let’s say that not all people who want to jailbreak a console do so with the intent to run pirated software.   Whatever your stance on this you cant deny that most people are indeed looking for a way of running backups and nothing more.

While it is most likely not going to be as easy for a regular Joe with no tech skills to hack their PS4 like they could there PS3.   There are already many forums where would be PS4 hackers are gathering and pooling knowledge.  It is no doubt just a matter of time before some hacker accomplishes this.  The big sticking point then is will it be a paid or free method.    The future of the PS4 looks to be another interesting chapter in the console hacking story.  What will be Sony response this time and what measures do they already have in place to combat this.

The race is on, lets hope an early jailbreak will not damage the consoles success too much.