Sony OFW 4.50 released – PS3 Jailbreak for 4.50 follows.

Sony released what seems at first to be another pointless update.  This takes the latest firmware up to 4.50.  There are a few minor improvements like the WIFI transfer improvements but very little is there from the recent rumors going around.  Interestingly this update opens up automatic downloads to all users not just their Plus! subscribers.  You can also change the visibility of your trophies making only some of them private.  I guess this is important if you don’t want your friends to all know how much you’ve been playing Naughty Bear!  Probably not that big of a deal to most users then.  The WIFI transfer capabilities sound more interesting but true to form just after the new firmware launched Sony announced that the feature was not yet working as it will require an upcoming update for the Vita.

One PS3 news site reported this update giving issues to people using ODE devices but this is so far unconfirmed and the thread has been removed for now.  However this update must be cause for anyone who have bought an ODE recently to worry.  As more time passes these reports will either be confirmed or denied.  Of course the PS3 CFW site is releasing their 4.50 jailbreak as usual.

So for now its business as usual which is great news as theres some brilliant games coming out now as we head towards winter.




4.46 Jailbreak comes after Sony Update Fail

If the recent bad publicity and claims of thousands of bricked PS3’s were not bad enough for Sony then the news that one site has already released a PS3 4.46 Jailbreak firmware will come as another thorn in their side.  It would appear that the botched 4.45 update that caused so many problems for users created a new security hole that can be exploited.  Now bringing the base CFW level available up to 4.46 and returning PSN access once more.

For those out there still with bricked consoled due to the update it looks like your only option is to get yourself an E3 flasher

and attempt to reflash firmware yourself.  This can be a daunting prospect for the average user but there is usually little or no soldering required and many guides online how to do it safely.


New PS3 CFW comes ahead of upcomming ODE releases

While we wait the release of the promised ODE (optical drive emulator) solutions for the PS3 the scene has once more delivered the goods for free.  As many know the main downside of the planned ODE’s is their inability to run the current crop of homebrew out there.  That means no excellent old games in the form of RetroArch or any of the file and ftp systems we have become accustomed to over the last few years.  Infact as with an ODE solution the console continues to run original firmware as it is the hardware that is modified.  Thats where custom firmware still has the upper hand.  With the PS3 running the latest CFW you get the addition on the install packages menu item as well as the ability to modify system files (used for custom boot logos etc).

For more information on how an optical drive emulator works see this wikipedia entry

To find out if your PS3 is compatible with the latest PS3 firmware and Jailbreak click the banner here…


LV0 keys freely available – new CFW’s looming

Incredible news reports the previous few days regarding the PS3 Jailbreak scene. It has been posted all over the web with many calling a Master Key leak. With these keys now known all future firmwares will be simple to decrypt and patch for Jailbreak systems. News like this the struggling Sony could do without right now. Maybe the war against piracy on the platform has now been lost! Read a little between the lines and you get more of a background to why these keys were released it seems the inner circle had much of this information since a Mr George Hotz released his ?Hello World? for the Ps3 With these keys being so potent those in the know had already decided to never release them. News that angered the wider PS3 community greatly! Help came from an unlikely angle, one that intended to milk the PS3 Jailbreak scene for all it was worth. A Chinese company hacked the PC’s of the developers and stole the keys. With the keys they developed a new CFW and were in the process of doing their pre-sale hype over the forums. This would be another paid solution trying to make money from piracy. One thing that goes completely against the scenes morals. Pre sales soon dried up though when the original developers begrudgingly released the keys for free. From here on we should see new CFW within hours of an OFW release thanks to these new keys. Something that benefits everyone.

New firmware releases from here on can be simply decoded and the hackers can then extract the online pass phrase something that up until now only a few people had the ability to do. So we can look forward to updated CFW for quite some time to come. This is maybe the last battle in the long history of PS3 hacking that dates back to before august 2010. Or does Sony have one last trick up its sleeve yet? Something that anyone who remembers the original PS jailbreak will know very well. This could also be bad news for many of the PS3 Mod Chip suppliers out there as the free download spreads to every PS3 forum.

Videos from the tube

It was less than a week until the first PS3 CFW 4.25 video popped up on youtube.  For those that missed it heres the video in question.

Of course it has since been copied everywhere but it is a pretty convincing video non the less.  Also of interest is the spoofer video for accessing PSN by means of faking the PS3 firmware version to whatever you want.

PS3 Jailbreak 4.25 – the story so far

For anyone curious about the jailbreak past of the Ps3 then take a look at this page. Spend some time reading up on all the past and present PS3 Jailbreak methods. Absolutely lots of facts on there to keep you busy for a long time.

Heres the link

PS3 Jailbreak 4.25 – the story so far


Early exploits depended on the actual built in Java of BlueRay menus. Java on the blueray had been way too limited and just a small buffer overflow was discovered. At the same time the otheros option had been updated by Sony permiting Linux on the console Through the process of running different tools on linux elements of the PS3 system can be investigated. It wasn’t long until Geohot posted “hello hypervisor, im geohot” to his blog. The ps3 scene was outraged with what happened next! On the 1st April other OS was removed by Sony “due to security concerns” All hope seemed to be lost and the scene was getting much quieter again. Geohot claims he is leaving the scene due to getting the blame for the loss of other os.